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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Dev Twitter:

Uphilt Tilt:

A free game created in less than 48 hours for the game makers tool kit jam.  The short and tiny story is you're a lover pair of eye balls, and the mouth hole army has stolen your eye gal! Roll across 3 stages to get her back! 

Tools used: 

Unity 3D, GIMP, and maya 2017. 

The Jam Theme: 

The jams theme was dual purpose giving objects and mechanics multiple purposes aka doing a lot with a little.  The game fits the theme in many ways, when you control your character Ball kid, you tilt the screen, which also tilts and moves some of the enemies and traps. Each new stage introduces 4 new objects (Besides the last stage) and each object has more than one purpose. The last stage reuses both stages objects to mix them together. 

Extra Assets used: 

Rim-light character shader:!/content/82457

Mogura Music:!/content/22641

Game Jam Menu Asset:!/content/40465

Pixel Font:!/content/64734


A gamejam game made by Fredrick Conception./Conception Games

Install instructions

1) Download the Zip File.

2) Right click the file and unzip. 

3) Click the folder and run the .exe! 

4) Enjoy! 


Download (55 MB)
Download (59 MB)
Download (61 MB)


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this is cute! and the gameplay is perfectly solid too, captures the spirit of the theme well. it's weird that you have to restart manually after death but i guess that was just due to time contraints. still good job!