A downloadable game for Windows

Controls?: (Also explained In-Game)

PC Controls:

WASD Keys: Move

Space: Jump

L-Shift: Sprint-Roll

Mouse: Rotate Camera

Arrow Keys: Rotate Camera

Q, E: Rotate Camera

Mouse/Up and Down Arrow Keys: Pan Camera Up/down

F Key: Restart Entire Level

Gamepad (Xbox) Controls: (Not yet explained In-Game)

LeftStick/D-pad: Move

A Button OR B Button: Jump

LB OR RB Buttons: Sprint-Roll.

X Button: Pan Camera Left

Y Button: Pan Camera Right

Right Stick: Pan Camera up/down.

Contact the DEV:

Twitter: @TheeWhiteReaper

Email: fredrick3377@gmail.com

Dev Note:

I'm getting closer to a kickstarter! Please help spread demo if you like it!


-Added a new version of the demo that is for under-powered/low spec PC's

-Added a new tutorial level to teach the games basic mechanics better.

-New more simple main menu with UI button to click.





A beautiful cube-like art style on a push block puzzle game with no hand holding! Find the solutions on your own, with only the games controls explained to you.


You play as "Boku", a cube bunny on a quest to get home to peaceland. You'll have to get past over 70 puzzle levels, defeat or avoid tons of enemies, dodge traps, and meet interesting cubic characters along the way.

This a demo?

This is a prototype demo of the full copyrighted game that is still in development. A kickstarter will be out soon! I hope you enjoy this demo and if you did please consider spreading it around.

Please send any feedback to fredrick3377@gmail.com or post below at the bottom of this page.

Install instructions

1) Unzip the game into a new folder

2) Click on the Bokube Demo.exe

3) Use the full-screen native res- of your PC.

4) Select "Fantastic" for best quality graphics and enjoy.

-Please download the low spec version if your PC isn't up to snuff and is many years old.


BokubeKickstarterDemo.zip (150 MB)