A downloadable game for Windows


-New 4 direction rotatable, left/right and pan up/down Camera system.

-Added a "Reset Puzzle Cube" button that is near the spawn of every level in-game.

-Changed Boku's controls to tapping and then holding a "Sprint Roll" button to roll without stopping like normally.

Dev Note:

Currently looking for feedback on the new camera and player controls for both keyboard and gamepad! (VR mode is also removed until I can get someone to help me program the motion controller inputs)





A beautiful cube-like art style on a push block puzzle game with no hand holding! Find the solutions on your own, with only the games controls explained to you.


You play as "Boku", a cube bunny on a quest to save another bunny girl "Kimi" solving puzzle levels as you get closer and closer.

This a demo?

This is a prototype demo of the full copyrighted game that is still in development. You can follow development here on my development twitter: https://twitter.com/TheeWhiteReaper

Please send any feedback to fredrick3377@gmail.com or post below at the bottom of this page.

Controls?: (Also explained In-Game)

PC Controls:

WASD Keys: Move

Space: Jump

L-Shift: Sprint-Roll

Mouse: Rotate Camera

Arrow Keys: Rotate Camera

Q, E: Rotate Camera

Mouse/Up and Down Arrow Keys: Pan Camera Up/down

F Key: Restart Entire Level

Gamepad (Xbox) Controls:

LeftStick/D-pad: Move

A Button OR B Button: Jump

LB OR RB Buttons: Sprint-Roll.

X Button: Pan Camera Left

Y Button: Pan Camera Right

Right Stick: Pan Camera up/down.

Twitter: @TheeWhiteReaper

Email: fredrick3377@gmail.com

Install instructions

1) Unzip the game into a new folder

2) Click on the Bokube Demo.exe

3) Use the full-screen native res- of your PC.

4) Select "Fantastic" for best quality graphics and enjoy.


BokubeDemo_DD12.zip (160 MB)