A downloadable Boku for Windows

This is the new 2019demo for Bokube. It has the final games first 4 levels. Bokube is cute comfy 3D puzzle platformer where you play as a bunny cube journeying through 3D diorama levels while rotating your camera to solve puzzles. 




PC Controls: 

WASD Keys: Move

Space: Jump (or to cancel a dash) 

E: Zoom in Camera. 

Left Shift:  DASH (Left shift again to dash again)

Left control: Pull a puzzle cube

Arrow Keys: Rotate Camera

F Key: Respawn (or start from last checkpoint). 

Contact the DEV:

Twitter: @BokuDev

Email: fredrick3377@gmail.com

Install instructions

1) Unzip the game into a new folder

2) Click on the Bokube Demo.exe




Development log


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Hey, just checking if I'm missing something with the controls. I can only jump straight up, not across. Is it supposed to be like that?

You jump straight up with space, and going across gaps or needing to get dodge something you dash with left shift. There is a problematic bug right now that keeps deleting the dash UI sometimes to be mindful of. 

Ah thanks! Nothing happened when I hit dash so maybe there was a bug. I'll try again later!

Hi! I really liked your game and want to play it. However I have a disability and cannot use wasd keys. Could you consider to add a remapping option or an alternative control scheme for your next game? I and many people like me would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance and good luck with your projects :)

No worries, this is a demo the next demo I make or the release version will have remapping options and controller support. 

will this have vr support?


Probably. I have a vive, and love VR too much not to do so, I just gotta finish the main game first. 

Thank fucking god, when i saw it didn't get 6,000 on the kickstarter i was incredibly disappointed, but i'm happy to hear this.


Please remove the motion blur or add an option to do so.

Did you remove the demo?

I had some bugs I noticed when I playtested it myself like the dash UI getting deleted, and the 2 songs that play at once at the boss, I fixed those issues and reuploaded.


Oh wow this has improved a lot since I last played!