A downloadable Boku for Windows

This is the new 2018 demo for Bokube. It has the final games first 4 levels. Bokube is cute comfy 3D puzzle platformer where you play as a bunny cube journeying through 3D diorama levels while rotating your camera to solve puzzles. 




PC Controls: 

WASD Keys: Move

Space: Jump

Q: Dash Roll 

Left Shift: Slow Roll

Left control: Pull a puzzle cube

Arrow Keys: Rotate Camera

P Key: Zoom in Camera.

F Key: Restart Entire Level

Contact the DEV:

Twitter: @BokuDev

Email: fredrick3377@gmail.com

Please send any feedback to fredrick3377@gmail.com or my twitter.

Install instructions

1) Unzip the game into a new folder

2) Click on the Bokube Demo.exe



BokubeDemo_2018_0.3.zip 208 MB


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will this have vr support?


Probably. I have a vive, and love VR too much not to do so, I just gotta finish the main game first. 

Thank fucking god, when i saw it didn't get 6,000 on the kickstarter i was incredibly disappointed, but i'm happy to hear this.


Please remove the motion blur or add an option to do so.

Did you remove the demo?

I had some bugs I noticed when I playtested it myself like the dash UI getting deleted, and the 2 songs that play at once at the boss, I fixed those issues and reuploaded.


Oh wow this has improved a lot since I last played!